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Wanamaker Hall

A signed and dated print from an original painting by artist Robert Toth.

Approximately 20"x 16"

(depending on original size)

Wanamaker Hall     - Price: $75.00

Near the turn of the century, department store magnate John Wanamaker opened his Commercial Institute Summer Camp along the bay in Island Heights, NJ, a free resort for his young employees.

Located in Island Heights, NJ, where the Tom's River and Barnegat Bay meet, Wanamaker Hall was built in 1904. Features of this neogothic revival structure were parapets. At its pinnacle, Wanamaker Hall had staff quarters, offices, meeting rooms, a kitchen, and a large assembly hall.

Current Status: In early May 2005, the Borough Council voted to demolish the Wanamaker Hall, determining it a safety hazard. After investigation, the NJDEP approved the Council's decision.

Gone. - But not forgotten!
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