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"To cultivate oneself is always desirable for all ages".

Professional Artist, Robert Richard Toth, believes an artist is a teacher, whether in a classroom or through images that are created to stimulate the imagination with thought provoking ideas. The reason is to develop the creative right side of the brain sensitivity for total cognition.

vhs tape
Robert Toth has prepared a VHS tape that reveals much of his 20 plus years experience as he explores the subjects that transport us into the "Realm of Art". He demonstrates Mass Drawing/ Impressionist Color/ Sculpture/ Stress Therapy Art/ Abstract Art/ and Subliminal Art. He outlines his theory and methods with emphasis on the creative process. Many people have questions they would like to ask an artist. As we embark on the path of enlightenment through demonstrations, Robert Toth answers many of these questions, eradicates misconceptions and talks about the real values of Art. He takes you boldly where art has never gone before and proves that everyone is gifted, talented and creative in some way.
He explains the subjects that overwhelm us through the great visual aid of TV. This series of art demonstrations are used as a metaphor to understand self motivation, to achieve enrichment in life. Creativity sees opportunity for success. This video tape should be added to your collection for a balanced variety that not only entertains but also elevates you. It can maximize your potential for deeper concentration, keener perception, analytical skills, sensitivity, expanded color range and self actualization.
Price of the "Realm of Art" VHS Tape is $20. plus $5. shipping.
Art instruction book
Robert Toth has also developed his booklet "Art and Creativity" which continues to explain his theory of mass drawing. There are stage by stage illustrations and explanations showing his build up and take away procedures of creating a silhouette of the subject, as opposed to line drawing. Then guides you through fine tuning the dark and light planes to create a harmonious luminosity of the subject. The demonstrations are shown using charcoal and kneaded eraser but the procedure applies to pastels, painting and sculpture, as explained in the booklet.
Price of the "Art and Creativity" booklet is $5. plus $1.50 shipping.


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