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Adult Portraits

These are some examples of Robert Toth's talent as a portrait artist. They are painted in oils and pastels.

For those interested in a portrait painting, send photo to Robert Toth for price quotes.
image image image
Self Portrait #1 Lee Thomas Edison
image image image
Young Lady Lady Profile Donna
image image image
Self Portrait #2 Mr. T Albert Einstein
image image image
DaVinci Study
by Robert Toth
Old Master Study
by Robert Toth
Evening Classes
image image image
Through The
Looking Glass
Artist and
His Creations
Portrait of Terry

These signed prints are available to buy. Order by name.  Size Aprox. 16" x20"
Price $75.00

Phone: (704) 279-9301
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All pictures and artwork are copyright RT-Designs USA
All rights reserved.