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Lord Salisbury Bank

A hand painted collectible 12" high of high fired bisque, signed by the artist Robert Toth
It was originally modeled for the 2004 Lord Salisbury Festival.

Lord Salisbury Bank   - Price: $125.00

The Original
Lord Salisbury's real name was George Grace Poole. He was a Southern Railway employee, headquartered in Spencer, and was well-known for his gold leaf artistic work. When the eccentric man learned that his kinsmen added van Poole to their last name, he decided that he would add his own distinctive mark and changed his name to McPoole. He even put a lighted sign over his shop with his new name.

Following his retirement, the self-proclaimed Lord Salisbury made it his goal in life to make people smile. He was always adorned in colorful clothes and handed out shiny pennies and business cards with his picture on them. On the business card was Lord Salisbury surrounded by beautiful women with the quotation, "The Lord is my Shepherd - I shall not want."

The Modern-Day
Lord Salisbury is portrayed by local Gary Thornburg, a frequent Piedmont Players performer. He has been portraying Lord Salisbury for years.
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