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The Flowering of Genius

From Eileen Bailey,
Creativity abounds in ADDers and those with Learning Disabilities, from the music of Mozart to the creativity of Walt Disney, from the acting talent of Whoopi Goldberg to the art of Leonardo da Vinci. This week American artist and sculptor, Robert Toth, shares his story of growing up with ADD and becoming a successful artist. The following article was submitted by Robert Toth. Robert Toth is an American artist and sculptor. He has been diagnosed with ADD and also has LD.

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"As an artist I have always been drawn to things that are larger than life. Things that take on a meaning beyond themselves and fill us with memory and emotion, embodying the spirit of a dynamic time or celebrating a special event and the best of human achievement. The theme running through all my work is greatness; something far beyond the ordinary. I find this same spirit in children, and in my own creative research I find this collation between the masters such as Montessori, Edison, Einstein, Franklin and DaVinci. Related to the child, their work became play that they were committed to and would work for hours and a lifetime devoted to their passion of exploring and discovering valuable information to share with all of us.

child pic The cover design for Tomorrow's Child, “The Flowering of Genius” is my latest symbolic work representing all children and the child within all of us. (See copy of print to the right side of this page.)The face represents a budding flower surrounded by transitional objects that transport us mentally and physically into a dream world of possibilities of future speculation and puts us in the driver's seat of our own direction with the car, train and plane to help us on our imaginary journey. The link between the child and the masters seems like a natural desire that all things are possible and that natural inclination will lead us to our destiny, which is evident in Montessori teaching. As Maria Montessori said, "Help me to do it by myself." Many know the important value of this learning style because it has been said that 70% of learning is from visual perception. A teacher's "hands on" demonstration of a subject can inspire others to do things with results. I can testify to this from my early childhood learning disabilities which were turned around by my mother and her knowledge of the Montessori principles which provided me with the tools for drawing, painting, clay/sculpture, water colors, etc. By the time I got to art school I had success in all subjects and was able to cultivate my various skills. Realizing my mother's awareness of Montessori saved me.

This early influence made me a natural teacher which emanated through my artistic life. By becoming sensitive to what is needed, I am able to teach through motivational demonstrations and have outlined these principles in booklets and my world wide web site, so others can get results, and embark on their own journey of learning. Leonardo DaVinci's students said of him, "The best thing he did for us had nothing to do with artistic matters, it was about learning, the one thing that will never fail us."

The higher self is found in the cultivation of an individual:
A greater awareness from a sustained concentration through natural inclination.
Freedom of choice.
The subject of their interest.
The teacher's encouragement.
The proper tools.
A creative and stimulating environment.

The bad news in the world has motivated me to want to create good news. That should get equal time. I believe the desire of all good people is greater knowledge."

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