This is a 21 inch high, life size mask of high fired bisque. Hand painted bronze patina.
Signed and dated by artist Robert R. Toth for its collectable value.

ROBERT BURNS BUST   - Price:$1,200.00

Robert Burns' quote
"Dare to be honest and fear no labor ."

The mask is also available in a limited edition of 45 foundry cast bronze. Prices on request from the artist Robert R. Toth.

A small bust of Burns is also available.

January 25th, 1759 - July 21st, 1796

Birthplace: Alloway, Scotland

Long considered the national poet of Scotland, Robert Burns is the author of "Auld Lang Syne," "To a Mouse" and "Tam o'Shanter." Raised in a poor family of farmers, Burns was nonetheless educated in literature and began writing verse when he was a teenager. His father died in 1784 and Burns tried to make a go of it as a farmer, but found more success with poetry. Despite his early death at the age of 37 (he had an unhealthy heart, it seems), Burns produced a large body of work, including the popular Scot anthem "Scots Wha Hae" and the poem "A Red, Red Rose." His life of carousing and his stick-it-to-the-man attitude further endeared him to his countrymen, and "Rabbie" Burns is still considered Scotland's best-loved poet.
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