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THOMAS A. EDISON   Festival of Light Parade Float

pic Blue Genie Art Industries (of Austin TX ) and Robert Toth (RT-DESIGNS USA) joined forces to accomplish the design of the CHICOS Corp. float for the Fort Meyers, FL parade. The pattern for the 8 foot Edison bust was copied from Toth's 9 inch sculptured Edison bust, which is included in his Masters Collection.

The 68th annual Grand Parade is a two-hour extravaganza and the highlight of the festival. The parade includes marching bands, floats, and local leaders. The parade brings the entire community (estimated 200,000+) out in celebration of the life and achievements of our local winter resident, Thomas Edison.
The models Robert Toth supplied.

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This was CHICO'S proposed design for Blue Genie Art Industries to build the Fort Meyers, FL parade float. Blue Genie Art Industries' three dimensional scanner and router, allows us to tackle scale up assignments and any sculpture needs with complete accuracy.
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Parade floats that highlight a company vary in style and size. We provide hands-on expertise at every level of producing a float, from design to engineering, and fabrication. The Chico's float carries entertainers and gymnasts in downtown Fort Myers during the 2006 Chico's Edison Festival of Light Parade.
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Toth received a reply from Chico Inc.
Hello Mr. Toth,

Thank you for forwarding this information to us. We were so excited to see the sculpture that you created for us for the Edison Festival of Light Parade. It was a huge hit! We had so many compliments on the float, and mostly your sculpture. We thank you very much for your expertise in working with Blue Genie to create our Edison bust.

We will be using the bust again next year in the parade. We will most likely have a different theme, but Mr. Edison will be riding with us once again!

Thank you again for the information that you sent.

Sharon Torregrossa
Chico's Charities

2007 Repeat Performance


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