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Giuseppe  VERDI
Portrait Bust

This is a limited edition (45) bronze sculpture,
19 inches high, weight 35 lbs.

VERDI   - Price: $7,000.00 +shipping

Foremost Italian operatic composer, Verdi is famous for his dramatic and superbly melodic operas. He is credited with raising Italian opera to its fullest artistic form.

The bronze goes through ten or more stages before completion of the painstaking lost wax process, all under strict quality control of the sculptor.

The nature of these specialty items is that they take time. They are not mass produced. Each is hand finished. Please be prepared to wait 12 or more weeks for foundry cast bronze.

Artist Robert R. Toth diligently researched the lives, philosophies and moods of the composers and immersed himself in their music while creating these heroic sculptures on display at Lincoln Center.
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