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Jackie Torrence Tribute
(The Storyteller)

  Photo by C.Johnson Photo by R.Toth Photo by Jenn Gardner
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Toth's bust of Jackie Torrence was on public display for the first time at the Fine Frame Gallery in downtown Salisbury during Lord Salisbury's Night Out on the Town. The bust that the public saw is cast in plaster and finished to look like bronze.
Toth would like to find donors to subsidize a bronze cast, and he hopes the sculpture can find a permanent home in Salisbury. He thinks that the children's section at the Rowan Public Library would be appropriate.

Torrence is the first local figure that Toth has sculpted, and he feels that the figure is his best work since a portrait bust he did of Beethoven in 1977 for Lincoln Center in New York City."You do your best work when you're passionate about something," he says. After Torrence died, Toth says he got a "vibration" to create a piece honoring her.
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Pictures from FINE FRAME unveiling.
fine frame gallery fine frame gallery fine frame gallery
Photo by Jenn Gardner Photo by Chris Johnson Photo by Chris Johnson
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Toth standing with his clay model of Jackie Torrence. Toth has numerous pictures of Torrence scattered around his studio while doing detailed research.

<bottom row photos by Brett Clark, Salisbury Post.>
Pastel study of Torrence that Toth created while researching to do the bust.

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