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Falcon Sculpture

Hand painted ebony and gold patina finish on high fired bisque. 14" high.   Signed and dated by the artist Robert Toth for its collectable value.

Falcon   - Price: $150.00

In Egyptian mythology the falcon was the symbol of Magic and Mystery and the god Horus. The falcon was sacred from the earliest times and the image of a falcon on its perch became the hieroglyph symbol representing the word 'God'. In ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh was seen as a manifestation of the 'living Horus' on the throne of Egypt and each Pharaoh used the name of Horus as the first of his title.

The falcon is one of the swiftest birds in the world. With lightning speed the falcon strikes animals often far bigger than itself, breaking the victim's back with the force of its dive.

As long ago as 2000 BC, the Chinese learned to harness the falcon's fearful energy in a sport known as falconry. Falconry was the rage in Western Europe in the Middle Ages; it was enjoyed by kings,and nobles.

While the nobility amused themselves with falcons in sport, artists turned the bird into symbols of victory. Pictures showing the falcon with its talons ripping into a wild hare, the falcon representing the triumph over flesh and the hare standing for defeated lust.
Printers and bookmakers adopted the image of a hooded falcon as their emblem, using it to symbolize hope.

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