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DaVinci Sculpted Bust

An 8 inch high bust of high fired bisque. With a hand painted patina.
Signed and dated by Artist Robert Toth for its collectable value.

DAVINCI   - Price: $150.00

DaVinci quote
"War was the beastly madness"

Italian painter, engineer, musician and scientist. The most versatile genius of the Renaissance, Leonardo filled notebooks with engineering and scientific observations that were in some cases centuries ahead of his time. Leonardo's students said of him " the best thing he did for us had nothing to do with artistic matters, it was about learning, the one thing that will never fail us".

Also available is a larger daVinci bust.

Dear Robert:

I received your beautiful bust of Leonardo da Vinci two days ago -- and I'm thrilled with your work! I want you to know that Leonardo is among my personal heroes...to me, the greatest genius in history, a blend of intellectual curiosity and artistic sensibility, of logical analysis and emotional synthesis, a flexible intellect capable of great insight and great achievement in the highest spheres of human endeavor, in both science and art.

I have placed the bust you created directly over my computer -- and I now use Leonardo's image for inspiration and encouragement as I pursue my own goals as a writer. I'm currently writing a major play and I'm already finding that looking into Leonardo's eyes helps provide me with another source of strength. Thank you for the wonderful work you do -- clearly, you're another artist with real passion and commitment to your work. I'm grateful to you.

Robert Spencer Knotts

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