This is an 14 inch high three-dimensional mask in a high fired bisque. Hand painted bronze patina.
Signed and dated by Artist Robert Toth for its collectable value.
On the reverse side is The shroud of Turin.

MOSES MASK   - Price: $375.00

Moses’ quote “Thou shall not kill”.

Moses was the principal leader and teacher of the Israelites and one of the most important characters in the Bible. He led his people out of slavery in Egypt to their homeland in Canaan, later called Palestine. At Mount Sinai, Moses declared the Ten Commandments as the law for his people.


Shroud of Turin
(On the back of Moses mask.)

Shroud of Turin, is a linen cloth that many people believe was the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. It bears a faint image of a man who was whipped, crowned with thorns, and crucified. Wounds on the image follow the details of the death of Jesus as described in the Bible.

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