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Orchestra Conductor Award

This is a 14 inch high sculpture of high fired bisque, and a hand painted bronze patina finish.
Signed and dated by Artist Robert Toth for its collectible value.

Conductor Award  - Price: $195.00

The conductor directs the musicians by keeping time with the baton, and by means of gestures and facial expressions. However, conductors do their most important work before a performance--and even before rehearsing a composition. In most cases, the conductor selects the music to be played at a concert. After selecting a work, the conductor's first job is to interpret the music by deciding exactly how it should be played. The conductor strives for the correct balance among the many instruments playing at the same time and adjusts the sound to suit the acoustics of the performance hall. The finest conductors are respected not only for their musical skill but also for their ability to inspire both musicians and audiences.
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