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This is a 9 inch high bust in a high fired bisque. Hand painted patina.
Signed and dated by Artist Robert Toth for its collectable value.
EDISON BUST   - Price: $150.00

Thomas Edison's quote:
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work"

A Large EDISON is also avaliable.

This bust was used as the model for the Chico Float in the Fort Meyers, FL Festival of Light Parade.

The American inventor Thomas Alva Edison was the greatest inventive genius in all history. He had patented more than a thousand inventions, among them the microphone, the phonograph, incandescent lamp and Kinetoscope. Having a sculpted portrait of him in your home or office will be a symbolic reminder of great American ingenuity.

The artist Robert R. Toth collaborated with the inventor's son, Theodore Edison, when creating the likeness. Around 1975, Toth met Theodore Edison, the last surviving Edison son, who helped Toth develop his portrait bust of Thomas Edison. This sculpture has been displayed at the Edison Historic Site, West Orange, NJ

Toth received a letter from Ann Wilke, Edison's grandniece.
Dear Robert;

We are absolutely thrilled to have both your sculpture and wall plaque of my 'Great Uncle Tom' standing on and hanging above our 1929 Edison Light-O-Matic, Model C-4 Radio with Electric Phonograph.

Your bust always stood on Uncle Ted's desk...Uncle Ted obviously treasured it, or he would not have kept it on his desk, as it is an excellent likeness. Uncle Ted was always very particular about having 'things Edison' about his father absolutely correct.

Toth received a reply from Chico Inc.
Hello Mr. Toth,

Thank you for forwarding this information to us. We were so excited to see the sculpture that you created for us for the Edison Festival of Light Parade. It was a huge hit! We had so many compliments on the float, and mostly your sculpture. We thank you very much for your expertise in working with Blue Genie to create our Edison bust.

We will be using the bust again next year in the parade. We will most likely have a different theme, but Mr. Edison will be riding with us once again!

Thank you again for the information that you sent.

Sharon Torregrossa
Chico's Charities

Toth sold a sculpture of Thomas Edison to the Smithsonian Institution's National Portrait Gallery.


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