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Freud Bust

Sigmund Freud
Sculpted Life Size Mask

This is an 18 inch high mask-bust (including base) in a high fired bisque, handpainted bronze patina.
Signed and dated by Artist Robert Toth for its collectable value.

Freud Mask    Price - $375.00

Freud's quote:
"One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful."

This Freud bust is available in a limited edition (45) foundry cast bronze . Contact the artist, Robert Toth, for information and pricing.

The father of pshychoanalysis, few figures have had so decisive and fundamental an influence on the course of modern cultural history as Sigmund Freud. Yet few figures also have inspired such sustained controversy and intense debate. Freud's legacy continues to be hotly contested. Our notions of identity, memory, childhood and sexuality have been shaped in relation to-and often in opposition to-Freud's work. Freud's life and his key ideas have had a great effect upon the twentieth century.

An exhibit of Robert Toth´s bronze Freud Bust in The Berman Museum of Art at Ursinus College near Philadelphia, PA, loaned from the collection of Ursinus College alumnus George Bause '77
Freud Mask
Bronze Freud Mask
Price - $3700

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